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3.5mm Distal Lateral Tibial Locking Compression L Plate

For screws:

Model: YSZ35Left / YSZ34Right, Thickness: 3.0mm, Holes distance: 13mm, For screws HA3.5/HC3.5

Product No. Holes Direction Material Remark
34128105 5+5H Left PT  
34128107 5+7H Left PT  
34128109 5+9H Left PT  
34128111 5+11H Left PT  
34128113 5+13H Left PT  
34128205 5+5H Right PT  
34128207 5+7H Right PT  
34128209 5+9H Right PT  
34128211 5+11H Right PT  
34128213 5+13H Right PT  


Product No. Holes Direction Material Remark
34127105 6+5H Left PT  
34127107 6+7H Left PT  
34127109 6+9H Left PT  
34127111 6+11H Left PT  
34127113 6+13H Left PT  
34127105 6+5H Right PT  
34127107 6+7H Right PT  
34127109 6+9H Right PT  
34127111 6+11H Right PT  
34127113 6+13H Right PT  


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