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Forum focuses on mobile healthcare


The 2015 China Mobile Healthcare Forum was held in Beijing on Dec 12, the first big event held by the Beijing Mobile Healthcare Association since it was founded in August.

Government officials in healthcare, medical experts from big hospitals, scholars from top universities, as well as executives from healthcare and insurance companies, attended the forum to discuss the relation and mutual impact between the Internet and the healthcare industry.

"We just hope this forum will act as a platform for the government, medical institutes and companies to meet and seek consensus and cooperation in the field of mobile healthcare," said Che Zhijun, chairman of the association.

Mobile healthcare is a hot topic in the health profession nowadays in China. In 2012, the sales of wearable devices totaled to 420 million yuan ($65 million). In 2015, the number is estimated to exceed 1 billion yuan, and in 2017 the market value will be about 5 billion yuan, according to the association.

Officials from medical-device evaluation centers and device supervision unite under China Food and Drug Administration also spoke about the approval procedures and regulations on mobile Internet medical devices.

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