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Good news for trained first-aid residents


Local residents in Shanghai trained in first-aid skills will be protected by law when they come to the rescue of people during medical emergency on the streets, according to a draft law submitted to the Shanghai People's Congress yesterday.

Under the planned new legislation, the government will offer compensation if the emergency medical services provided by qualified residents bring any harm to the patients.

First-aid help from good samaritans allows patients to receive proper medical care before the professionals arrive, explained Shen Xiaochu, director of the Shanghai Health and Family Planning Commission.

"These trained residents with first aid skills should be encouraged to help others," Shen told local legislators.

Authorities will later decide on the qualifications of the good samaritans and the efficacy of their first aid.

Trained residents can also use the automated external defibrillators (AEDs) being installed in public places so that help is available quickly to people showing symptoms of cardiac arrest.

A total of 310 AEDs are being installed across the city, including at Pudong International Airport, subway train stations and scenic spots such as Oriental Land in suburban Qingpu District. These portable automated devices can restore normal heart rhythm, preventing brain damage or death.

The legislation said more such devices should be installed at local traffic hubs, schools, hotels, shopping malls and scenic spots.

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