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Our Company,Changzhou Nanxiang Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd was founded in 1997,has been more than 10 years of research and development,production,sales class III orthopedic surgical instruments history.

We have imported many sets of high-precision processing equipment,such as Germany DMG 5 Axis Machine Tool Center,USA HASS 5 Axis Machine Tool Center,Japanese Citizen 9 Axis Longitudinal Turning and Milling Center,etc.And we have established a complete physical and chemical,mechanical laboratory.In 2003,according to the ISO9001 and ISO 13485 requirements established perfect quality management system,and get the above certificates.And now access to the implantable medical device of the medical device good manufacturing practices implementation details(GMP) certificate and CE certificate.

We sincerely welcome the orthopedics sector friends visit our company,for the sharing of resources,the revitalization of the prosperity of the cause of the cause of orthopedic instruments,and common development,the benefit of mankind and work together.